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  • 'The Messy Lives of Book People' by Phaedra Patrick

    JENNIFER HOFFMAN|Dec 22, 2022

    Essie Starling, famous best-selling author, has fired every employee but one – Olivia. Liv is glad to still have her position cleaning house for the reclusive author when it seems one wrong move or conflict could send her and her all natural cleaning supplies packing. When Essie passes, no one is more surprised than Liv over the author’s last wish. It was a dream come true to simply work with her favorite author. Now, she could be fulfilling the legacy of her hero. Not only will Liv get the cha...

  • Books to Borrow Williamsburg Public Library Recommends

    JENNIFER HOFFMAN|Jan 27, 2022

    The Williamsburg Public Library is pleased to offer many fun educational kits to patrons, teachers, and parents. Funded by educational grants, the kits provide fun learning experiences for children of different ages. MackinMaker Take & Make kits include STEM and technology based items, books, and ideas for activities. Included are items such as Makey Makeys, Buddha Boards, miniature building supplies, and Merge Cubes, each with a book and idea suggestion cards. Great for homeschooling, learning...

  • Books to Borrow Williamsburg Public Library Recommends

    JENNIFER HOFFMAN|Jan 20, 2022

    Charlemagne Russo, Charlee to those who know her, loves writing the perfect mystery. But, when her agent is murdered using the same method Charlee used in her latest unpublished manuscript, writing is the last thing on her mind. To the police, Charlee is the number one suspect. To Charlee, everyone’s a suspect – everyone that read her manuscript at least. Could her beta readers, friends, and writing group members really be capable of murder? Her imagination runs wild and she sees shadows and possible killers everywhere she goes. She thinks she...

  • Books to Borrow Williamsburg Public Library Recommends

    JENNIFER HOFFMAN|Nov 24, 2021

    Ever wonder what happens to the sole survivor, the final girl, once the movie is over and the credits roll? In horror movies, the final girl emerges victorious, the lone heroine in what is usually a senseless bloodbath. But, after the endorphin rush wears off, the sirens fade, the audience goes home, and the trauma sets in… then what? This is why Lynnette Tarkington is part of the Final Girl Support Group, a private therapy group specifically for, well, final girls. Lynnette survived a massacre...

  • Books to Borrow Williamsburg Public Library Recommends

    Jennifer Hoffman|Feb 11, 2021

    Kerri Arsenault grew up in Mexico, Maine, a small town neighboring Rumford. For over 100 years, most townspeople of Rumford worked for the local paper mill, including three generations of Arsenault's own family. The main employment hub for the town and surrounding areas, the mill provided livelihoods for nearly everyone, but also contributed to the destruction of the environment and the decline of the town's economic, physical, and emotional health. The area even earned the nickname "Cancer...

  • Amish Christmas Miracles Collection

    JENNIFER HOFFMAN|Dec 24, 2020

    This collection of heart-warming stories was chosen as a memorial for one of our treasured patrons, Charles “Charlie” Hauser. Known for his kindness, ability to spin a tale, and especially for his many years of service as the town’s barber, Charlie also loved to read. He supported the library for quite a few years and quite enjoyed reading stories involving the Amish community. The “Amish Christmas Miracles Collection” contains 14 short stories by various authors including Jennifer Beckstran...