By Jill Brubaker Reigh
Hollidaysburg Correspondent 

A New (Recycling) Game in Town


March 14, 2019

Jill Brubaker Reigh

The Intermunicipal Relations Committee's Duncansville Recycling/Compost facility is located along Dunnings Highway between Newry and the Inlows Drive-In restaurant. This recycling facility is completely fenced in.

Plastic has been making headlines recently. Heads are turning at camera footage of wildlife being choked by plastic can rings, littering of plastic containers so thick that it literally piles up in streams and rivers.

When recycling makes new headlines like plastic has recently, residents seek ways to ramp up their recycling efforts. A convenient new option was introduced for 2019 by the Intermunicipal Relations Committee (IRC), Blair County's council of governments (COG). In conjunction with partnering municipalities including Blair Township, residents in Duncansville, who do not have mandated recycling, can purchase a key card. For $25 annually, they are issued a key card providing gate access to the Duncansville recycling drop-off facility every day from dawn to dusk. Prior to this program, recycling access was limited to Tuesday afternoons from noon until 5 p.m. when the compost facility is open.

Locally, the IRC tirelessly oversees recycling and related programs. Problems like plastic are not new to the IRC staff. According to the IRC website, drop-off recycling has been restored to nearly every corner of the county. They credit a host of partnering municipalities, private sector recyclers and hauling firms working with the IRC COG.

On a recent Tuesday afternoon, Katie Pope, IRC education coordinator, sold three key cards in 15 minutes while working at the Duncansville recycling/compost facility. She explained the need to rinse out all plastic bottles (no tubs, trays or cups can be recycled), steel and aluminum cans and glass bottles and jars. These items, plus mixed office paper, newspapers and inserts, magazines, catalogs, telephone books, plus flattened cardboard and coated cardboard, can all be recycled at the Duncansville facility.

When the Mobro 4000 made headlines in 1987, trash volume became a hot topic. Town officials in large urban areas like Long Island, New York, where the Mobro originated, and small municipalities in central Pennsylvania, all began to realize that garbage dumps had a limited capacity.

Enter recycling. Legislators and town officials started talking, as grassroots community groups created a groundswell focused on better management of our earth.

Fast forward to 2019 and 32 years later recycling programs have come and gone. Government mandates may remain, but funding has shifted away from recycling program sponsorship. This key card program offers residents a convenient way to divert recyclable material from local landfills.

For Cove residents, there are drop-off recycling facilities in Martinsburg, Taylor Township/Roaring Spring and Williamsburg.

The average family of four can have one small bag of trash if all potential recyclable items are diverted to recycling. To find out more about how you can better manage your part of our earth, contact the IRC at 942-7472 or online at

Jill Brubaker Reigh

The new key card entry to the Duncansville IRC recycling facility along Dunnings Highway has convenient parking and is open to members every day.


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