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125 Years Ago

Rains Flood Mount Etna

Herald of May 17, 1894

A copy of the Herald for this week was unavailable. The following news items were gathered from issues of the previous weeks.

Heavy rains caused flooding in the Mount Etna area near Williamsburg. The flooding resulted in problems with the mail delivery and with transportation in the area.

A mail order scam caught several Cove residents off guard. An advertisement in a dime novel offered a sewing machine for 50 cents. Those sending in money received two needles and an awl.

Dr. Eldon, formerly of Newry, relocated his medical practice in a vacant room of the Keagy building.

A new picket fence was erected at the Methodist Episcopal Church in Martinsburg. Several trees that were in the way were removed.

Martinsburg residents were saddened to learn that their well-respected physician, Dr. Bonebreak, had died. Dr. Wengert of Fredericksburg, well-known to town residents, agreed to take over Dr. Bonebreak’s Martinsburg office temporarily. No cause of death was listed.


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