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By Linda Williams

Growing Older and Other Blessings

When God Winks


I have a little book written by Squire Rushnell called, "When God Winks At You."

It is full of delightful stories with sweet endings that let us know God is at work in His world.

God winked at my husband and me recently. It began like this ... we took a wonderful trip with our son and daughter-in-law. Flying from Baltimore, we met our son and wife in St. Louis where I got to cross the arch off my bucket list. From there, they drove us to Branson, Missouri, and through the Ozarks to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

An excellent trip planner, our son chose a small town in Arkansas for lunch. Siloam Springs was having a Dogwood Festival alongside a bubbling creek complete with waterfalls. Crafts, good food and friendly people made us welcome.

Now, some folks might wonder why we would ever make Tulsa a destination. The answer is simple. We had been in 48 of the 50 states and one of the two missing was Oklahoma. The other is North Dakota, another story to come. Tulsa is a clean, small city with an absolutely superb zoo. It was about the only thing we had time to visit, but a good choice.

From Tulsa, we flew to Albuquerque where we spent the week. As usual we were shown a great time with dinners at special restaurants, visits to museums, and two afternoons on the local shooting range. We had a pleasant surprise when we stopped at a local Walmart in the small town of Edgewood. While in St. Louis, we did not have time to visit the Clydesdale horses. However, they arrived in full dress in New Mexico just as we were getting a bite of lunch. Perhaps they heard we missed them and came after us.

Sunday evening, we were packing to come home when my husband realized his car keys were absent. He was certain he had packed them in his carry-on luggage. He looked and I looked. He turned the blue bag upside-down and shook it to no avail.

The panic button was pushed, and we considered options to this dilemma. Our car was parked at a hotel in Baltimore; a lot of good that did us with no keys. The quickest solution, we decided, was to call our cat sitter and ask her to take my spare keys to a friend who, bless his heart, was actually willing, to drive them to the hotel.

After that, we would have to have two new sets of keys made. There were keys to two cars missing. Getting car keys made is no small feat in the days of modern cars. The new keys would also come with a hefty price tag, but, oh well, actions have consequences.

Thinking back over our arrival at the Baltimore airport almost two weeks previous, we remembered a gentleman in front of us going through security. He had left his keys in the bin and my husband called after him. We were almost certain that he had picked up ours by mistake.

Departure morning, we arrived at our Albuquerque airport gate just as our plane was landing. We had a few minutes to sit and compose ourselves for boarding. My husband opened his travel bag to look for his reading glasses. He didn't find them, but he did find, much to our joy, the keys!

In the few remaining minutes before boarding the plane, we were able to call our dear friend in Bedford and tell him to cancel his drive to Baltimore. Needless to say, there was much relief all around. No doubt in our minds, it was a God wink. There is really no other explanation as to why those keys emerged at the very last minute from a piece of luggage that had been thoroughly searched.

The Banquet

The day before Mother's Day was the annual Replogle banquet. Numbers were down this year but it was a wonderful afternoon with great food by the fire company ladies and good entertainment by Brandi Naugle. Wayne Kagarise read a hilarious poem. The next time you see Wayne, ask him to share.

Both Wayne and the president, Bob Detwiler, reminded us how fortunate we are to have grown up in Morrisons Cove. Indeed, we were!

None of us were rich, but what a life we had with the then modern school J. Leonard Replogle gave us. We had indoor plumbing and a cafeteria when these things were only a dream in other areas.

Our teachers were devoted to teaching us the basics of living. We had fun doing the most ordinary of things. It was a wonderful life!

And the beat goes on ... following the banquet, we visited the Spring Farm Greenhouse in Woodbury. From the size of the crowd one might have thought they were giving flowers away.

That greenhouse was bustling with the Mennonite family who owns it at the helm. Every family member had turned out to empty wagons, carry plants, keep things watered, and ring up the cash register. It was such a pleasure to see a family so unified and working together.

Then, I walked outside the greenhouse and looked across the fields at the farmland so rich in beauty it took my breath away.

I really think God winked when he created Morrisons Cove.


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