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By Roseann Zimmerman

Old Order Mennonite Memoirs


The soybean plants stretched in long rows towards the woods nestled in the southeast hills, while squirrels scolded from the oak trees that surrounded my daughter's backyard deck. I was only subconsciously aware of bean fields, squirrels and oak trees because we were trying to help the boys use the new squeeze 'n blow pop-up bubbles. Six-year-old Tyson eventually mastered the technique of making bubbles but Conner, at only half the years, had a time with remembering when to stop squeezing, then the liquid flowed down over his hand.

Like a butterfly, Lyla skipped after the bubbles that floated elusively around us. Clutched tightly in her hand were the new key chains I brought for her. Even though her second birthday isn't until later this month, I had brought a little gift to celebrate her life. It stayed with her throughout our day together. But for the grace of God, we would not have a day, not even our time together.

We capped and sliced strawberries at the picnic table and transplanted tiny poppy plants. Then water from the hose made everything spick-and-span again and bare feet weren't too cold.

When Lyla went for an afternoon nap, her key chains went, too. After dishes we went outdoors again. Tyson's yellow CAT pedal tractor was instrumental in taking all our lawn trimmings to the chickens for choice snacks. I enjoyed working with my daughter and her children and I was thankful that my own garden mulching project was completed earlier in the week so I could go.

In between his hay baling project and Holstein/Jersey dairy duties, my husband helped with the biggest mulching job of my gardens. The weather wasn't too warm for gardening or mowing lawn, in fact, my diary twice records: just perfect weather.

A sliver of moon hung in the western skies as our first full week of June slipped away. Mama Bluebird's coaxing for her fledglings to come out of the nest to try their wings, had grown quiet. Since I had been busy picking strawberries, I missed their maiden flights, as usual. So I only assumed they were lined up in a row somewhere in the maple tree boughs. Born to fly.

The next morning our horse Reeses took us to Piney Creek church to worship God, as did others. Our table was set at noon for 10. I cooked potatoes for browned butter to go with the chickenetti that was bubbling in the stove. Peas were my vegetable besides a fresh lettuce salad and red beet eggs. Pretzels and shredded cheese or dressing were offered, too. For dessert I put little squares of chocolate cake in the bottom of a glass dish. I didn't take time to search for a cream cheese recipe but simply beat two packs with milk and sugar before I poured it over the cake. On top of that were fresh strawberries folded into cooled Danish dessert.

8 cups water, 1 pack strawberry Kool-Aid, 3/4 cup Therm-flo, 3/4 cup strawberry gelatin or 3 oz. package, 1 cup sugar. Make Kool-Aid with 7 cups water. Bring to a boil.

In a separate bowl, mix sugar, Therm-flo and gelatin and add remaining water. Stir into Kool-Aid. Cook until clear and thickened.

Remove from heat. Chill completely. Add fresh strawberries.


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