Letter to the Editor

Will We Survive as a Republic? Maybe.


August 22, 2019


To the Editor:

As always, I appreciate the tone of your thoughtful editorials, Mr. Bassler, and this one (Herald of Aug. 1, 2019, Page A-4, “My Main Concern”), on the dangers of executive power was most effective.

I don't necessarily agree that having a Democrat in the White House is dangerous – in fact, I anticipate it's being a very refreshing return to sanity – but your point of the Supreme Court’s permission for the U.S. president to usurp the authority of congress is well taken.

I have long believed that, as long as congress consistently takes its assigned responsibility seriously, whoever is in the White House is not necessarily a big risk to our democracy. President Trump's attitude and approach to governing, however, constitutes the biggest threat to our continuing as an ideal society we have seen, at least in modern times.

Perhaps that’s the problem: In Trump's focus on making America “great again,” he has chosen policies that stir nightmares of the Jim Crow era. He has the high court leaning his way now and a Senate Majority Leader who behaves as though he’s the dictator, to the long-term harm of the people, of both citizens and those who would be if allowed a fair chance.

Regrettably, a Texas Republican who ought to be challenging Trump’s renomination, Will Hurd, like Paul Ryan has elected to step away from the fray. Hurd promoted border security options similar to what you recommended, other than that lamentable symbol of isolation and fear, Trump's “wall.”

Even if the president is re-elected, I trust we will survive as a republic to a lesser degree still respected by the rest of the world, but it may take generations to repair the damage being done by the most rabid and vocal of all political factions and their attendant communications media.

I pray our heirs will stay engaged in their privilege – and duty – of citizenship to help to heal our nation. God is on the side of each us, not collectively, but unless each individual practices, and voices, the values modeled by Jesus Christ, America will disintegrate as have so many past empires because of arrogance and greed. Amen.

Robert Steele Davis

Waynesboro, Pa.


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