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Woodbury Council Not in Favor of Move Of District Magistrate


August 29, 2019

Woodbury Borough Council met in regular session Aug. 5, at the Woodbury Area Community Center.

The council received a letter from the district magistrate’s office of Brian Baker, 57-3-03, asking if it would be in favor of moving the current magistrate office from Raystown Road, Everett, to Saxton. The council discussed it and members said they think it would not be in the best interest of Woodbury Borough, as it is too far away.

The roof of the community center is still in need of replacement. This issue remains ongoing between the Woodbury Township and borough council. If a metal roof is used, this will possibly cost about $90,000. If a rubber roof is used this will be somewhere around $30,000. This remains a debated item.

The council discussed a mud runoff from Grandview Road into the Hometown Bank parking lot. Merle Helsel, representing the bank’s board of directors, said the bank will open in October and he would like to see if this problem can be remedied. Discussion took place but the borough does not own the road. Homeowners own the road. The borough maintains this area and will investigate.

The Kauffman house on Main Street in Woodbury reportedly is still owned by Ron and Mary Kauffman. This home is in poor condition and needs to be torn down. Borough council discussed buying the property and tearing the house down. The risk of someone getting hurt at this residence continues. There was discussion of a person acquiring the structure, but the fees to build a duplex would be double and the owner would need to tear down the existing building. The house continues to be an item of discussion and a work in progress.

The mayor’s report given by Dave Chesney. He reported Grandview Road continues to wash out and a slate stockpile has been added. Phil Loque, a resident of Woodbury, had an electrical-wire issue. This turned out to be an Atlantic Broadband cable at a shed located on the premises that needs to be buried deeper. The mayor also reported the bureau lawn mower has an oil leak on the bottom shaft.

A new borough employee was added to the payroll, which will make it five now in case someone is not available when tasks such as mowing or plowing need to be done. Current members will be called first and then additional members if these members are not available.

Discussion took place on having a salt and cinder building added on to the existing borough building. This pad will be about 24x24 feet and Orchard Lane Excavating Inc., Roaring Spring, will construct the building. Council agreed to the construction but will get the cost before continuing.

Expenditures were discussed with no unusual expenditures noted. Total expenditures were $2,428 for the month of July. Upcoming expenditures for the month of August were reviewed. The total is $1,166. This includes stone from New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co. Inc. The shale is for Grandview Road and the intersection of Mill Street and Upper Alley.

The treasurer’s report was $46,564, with the savings of CD No. 1 at $15,026 and CD No. 2 at $15,026, equaling a total balance of $76,617. The State Aid Fund has a balance of $7,979. The total balance in General and State Aid is $84,597.


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