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By Pastor Earl Herr

Thought for the Week

Blessing or Curse


September 5, 2019

Illustration by John McConahy

Scriptures to Read:

Genesis 1:15-20

Genesis 3:17-24

Genesis 4:2-7

St. Matthew 11:28-30

Isaiah 40:28-31

Isaiah 55:1-7

Isaiah 55:8-13

We have just celebrated "Labor Day." It is not exactly a world-wide holiday, but it is celebrated in a number of countries. For us, it is simply a day, set aside to relax and rest. Some consider it the last of the summer holidays. We have opportunity to give thanks for our work and the income it provides. As I think about our work, I ask, "Is it a blessing or a curse?"

We could say it is a curse because of what happened to our first parents in the Garden of Eden. Because they broke God's commandment, He cursed the ground from which they obtained their food. The ground would now produce thorns, thistles and other weeds. It would now require painful toil and the "sweat of Adam's brow" to grow the food they needed. But much earlier, Adam had been put in charge of the Garden of Eden and he was required to work and take care of it.

So, what's the difference? I think it was simply that before it was much easier and enjoyable. I guess we all find some sorts of "work" enjoyable and pleasant while other work is tedious, hard, drudgery. Yet, we know there can be real pleasure in doing a job and seeing it "well done." Work provides income for both necessities and luxuries.

So, again I ask, "Is work a blessing or a curse?" Would it be unfair to suggest it can be either or both? Work can most certainly be a curse and there are many who see it that way. They hate to go to work. They grumble and complain about it. They can hardly wait for the work week to end. Others, however, find their work a blessing. They look forward to it, whistle or hum while there and don't mind doing extra if asked.

So, perhaps our attitude toward work is what makes the difference. If a person knows his or her work provides for their needs and those of their family, they can appreciate it. If they know they are seeing satisfactory, even enjoyable return for their work, they can feel good about it. If others commend them for the standard of work turned out, it is good.

I would push it one step farther. If a person sees his work as a tribute to God, it can be a blessing. Scripture indicates whatever we do should be done to bring honor and glory to God. Of course there is some work that, by its very nature, can not bring glory to God. But most work can be done for the benefit of mankind. This in itself is pleasing to God. He wants us to do good to others. Jesus tells us when men see our good works, they will glorify our Father in Heaven. I think it is what he expects.

Of course there are folks who can not find anything to praise God for. This, too, is an attitude of the heart. But hopefully, we can see work done that will start us in praising God, whether it is cleaning windows, washing dishes, providing nursing care, managing a company, turning out "zero-defects" products, teaching children, or almost anything that is well done can cause us to give thanks and praise to God and to commend the workman who is doing what he is doing for the glory of God.


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