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Trump Courts, For Decades


December 19, 2019

Let's review, shall we ... we were told that Donald J. Trump would never get the nomination, that he would never win the election, that the stock market would crash when he took office, that he colluded with Russia (Comrade Schiff even promised repeatedly that he would soon reveal the proof!), that Flynn-Papadopoulos-Cohen-Manafort-Stone were all going to testify against Trump, that he obstructed justice, that he committed crimes in the Southern District of New York, that a recession was imminent, the he did a quid-pro-quo and that he committed bribery. I'm sure I missed a few.

All of those tales have now proven to be lies but that's not stopping the Marxists from plowing ahead with the lamest of Articles of Impeachment; all two of them. I'm wagering that we'll end up thanking them in November 2020.

Besides their hatred for Trump, besides being wrong time, after time, after time about all the accusations and predictions they made, what really keeps the Marxists up at night is the number, or more specifically the placement, of federal judges Trump and the Republican-controlled Senate have been able to seat, not to mention the two Supreme Court justices that he's appointed and the likelihood that he's almost sure to get at least one more when he wins a second term.

Rule changes

Let's take a walk down memory lane and review how it's possible for the Republicans to so easily seat federal judges now.

In 2013, when the Senate was controlled by Democrats and led by Majority Leader Comrade Harry Reid, they decided to change the rules and allow a simple majority to end debate (cloture) on federal judge nominations, except for Supreme Court picks. Prior to Comrade Reid invoking the so-called "nuclear option," cloture required a 3/5 vote, normally 60 senators.

Of course, the Republicans protested and wailed but Democrats are never swayed by such protests from Republicans who can usually be counted on to shut up and know their place soon enough. I'm also quite sure that the Democrats truly believed that when the Republicans gained control of the Senate that they would be their usual Boy Scout selves and change it back. But they didn't.

Not only did they not change it back, but they took a page out of the Democrat playbook and extended the new rule to include Supreme Court nominees. It's about time Republicans start fighting by the same no-holds-barred rules as Democrats.

Appeals courts

The actual number of federal judges that Trump has been able to get confirmed isn't all that much different from recent past presidents. What is different is where his picks are being seated, the courts of appeals.

So far, Trump has been able to get 48 judges confirmed to seats in various courts of appeals. That's double the number that Comrade President Obama had seated in courts of appeals by the same point in his presidency and only seven shy of Obama's eight-year total of 55 court of appeals appointments.

Also, Trump's picks are, on average, about 10 years younger than Obama's picks, which means they likely sit in their lifetime appointed positions longer.

So, what's the big deal? Perhaps federal judge, now Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor said it best: "... the court of appeals is where policy is made."

From the bench

For decades, Democrats have known that their Marxist agenda is unpopular with the average American and so they couldn't come right out and advocate for all of the changes that they desired. But they could pick judges that they knew, or were pretty sure, would decide court cases and "make policy" that would further the Marxist agenda.

Democrats could then face their constituents and blame judges who don't have to worry about reelection. Pretty ingenious, actually.

Court decisions are responsible for much of the Marxist agenda moving forward over the last several decades

he decisions being shoved down American's throats by judicial fiat.

No greater example of this exists than gay marriage. As gay rights activists pushed for the right to marry, federal legislation was introduced to amend the US Constitution to prohibit it. Activists correctly argued that gay marriage was a 10th Amendment issue and should be decided by the states, not the federal government.

But when states decided against gay marriage, as most of them did, those same activists filed lawsuits in federal courts.

Californians, yes Californians, even voted to amend their state Constitution to prohibit gay marriage in 2008. Federal appeals courts eventually ruled that the will of the California voter was unconstitutional and struck down their vote to amend their own Constitution. So much for the 10th Amendment.

Democrats have grown accustom to this kind of end-around to advance their agenda and it keeps them up at night knowing that Trump is stacking the federal appeals court deck against them, slowing or halting their advance, for decades to come.

The idea that another Trump term will almost certainly result in one, maybe two, more Supreme Court justice picks makes them cringe. A 6-3 or, GASP, 7-2 conservative majority on the US Supreme Court is their worst of nightmares.

They fear, as they made obvious during the attempted lynching of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, that their most sacred of court decisions might someday be overturned: Roe v Wade.

Nothing, but nothing, causes democrat insomnia like the thought that states might someday, again, be allowed to pass laws prohibiting a woman from terminating the life of the individual -with its own DNA, fingerprints, blood type, heartbeat, brain- that she's incubating.

Oh, the horror.

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