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Every Act is For Personal Gain

Letter to the Editor


January 16, 2020

To the Editor:

Born during the Truman Administration, I grew up under Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, politically active but unsure about either party. In the ensuing half century, I've seen flaws in each of our presidents, but ultimately believed they had the best interests of our country at heart, no matter how strongly I disagreed with their policies.

Tragically, today we can no longer believe that, since Trump's motivation for his every word, every act, is merely short-term personal financial gain and the massaging of his monstrous ego, the United States, humanity and God be damned.

Consider: thousands of documented lies – when he boasts to his racist, gullible, traitorous crowd that 40,000 are “rallying” in a 6,500-capacity building, how can other nations take him seriously?

He abandons our allies, cozies up to our enemies and disrespects our military, tweeting our troops out of Syria, thus causing thousands of our Kurd allies to be massacred as a Russian flag replaces the American flag on our base there.

He then reassigns our troops to protect oil fields of the nation most responsible for 9/11, Saudi Arabia.

He’s paid millions in fines for running fraudulent “charities” for veterans and the disabled, meanwhile mocking and bullying the disabled and even the dead; bragging that he refuses his $400,000 annual salary while spending taxpayer dollars equivalent to 300 years of that salary on golf trips to his own resorts.

He’s ballooned our national debt and deficit, artificially propping up our economy, and taken us from Leader of the Free World to a rogue nation on human rights and climate change.

Indeed, his immorality and transgressions seem endless. I'll detail specific issues in subsequent letters as we head to Nov. 2, because our nation’s very survival depends on getting Trump out.

Paul Politis

Greencastle, Pa.

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