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January 30, 2020

If you watch television, you know there are various groups that reward various types of performers with awards. You can watch the Emmys, the Grammys, the ESPYs, and other award shows. Individuals and groups receiving these awards appear to be appreciative of their recognition.

With that in mind, I have decided that I want to propose some awards for local groups who have done positive things for sportsmen. I am calling these awards "The Rich Tate Awards," nicknamed "The Outsiders." Recipients of the awards will receive nothing except mention in this column and my sincere thanks for their work.

Area Sportsmen's Group – The first Outsider Award goes to the new group, Sportsmen for the Future, out of Roaring Spring. Last winter this group was instrumental in helping to prevent a massacre of deer by hired sharpshooters in the guise of CWD prevention. Also, the group sponsored a summer seminar by "Dr. Deer," Dr. James Kroll, whose ideas concerning CWD do not necessarily support those of the PGC. This group must continue to be vigilant in its efforts to prevent future problems.

Area Conservation Group – This Rich Tate Award goes to the Little Juniata River Association. The association does yeoman work to retain public access for fishermen who flock to the Little Juniata River. In addition, the LJRA is active in stream rehabilitation, performing stream work on various sections of the river. It also supports studies of how the river's trout move throughout the stream during the year.

Area Wildlife Group – This Rich Tate Award recognizes the Juniata Valley Audubon Society. The society is willing to get involved in battles to prevent wild places from being destroyed. These battles have included but are not limited to working to stop the re-opening of the Heller Quarry, which would be an environmental and safety disaster; working to stop the building of windmills in places they would be detrimental to various species of wildlife; and working to prevent the commercialization of the wild Hawn's Bridge area at Lake Raystown. In addition, the society hosts monthly conservation programs and sponsors many outdoor events, such as hikes and a Christmas bird count.

Local Sportsmen's Club – I cannot choose just one club, since many, such as the Martinsburg Sportsmen's Club and the Henrietta Sportsmen, do valuable things for sportsmen. Other clubs out there support important sportsmen's activities as well.

Honorable Mention – Schools that support competitive rifle teams deserve recognition for what they do to enhance the shooting sports.

Many other groups support sportsmen and what they do. I appreciate their efforts.


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