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Series: Williamsburg | Story 29

February 13, 2020

‘Tis the season for love. Happy Valentine’s Day from this Herald reporter to you and yours! Valentine’s Day and being in the mood for love has me thinking – Where does one meet a special Valentine? I decided to ask Williamsburg residents and here is what they had to say:

Stacy Feathers: We talked through texting for awhile then met face-to-face at a Curve game.

Thomas Brumbaugh: The first time, a fishing trip with her brother and her boyfriend at the time. They broke up, we started talking through Facebook Messenger and we fell deeply in love.

Barbara Gerrity:, dating in Ireland.

Anna Ickes: Blind date, September 1968; got married in 1970 and will be celebrating 50 years of marriage this year.

Marge Troxell: At a dance over at the Community Center. He was taking the money. We have been married for almost 34 years in May.

Amber Walk: At the neighbor’s house.

Patty Bigelow: At the Calvary Bible Church in Alexandria; married for almost 34 years in August.

Jason Boser: Army – Fort Gordon, Ga.

Anna Gibboney: We were set up by Tac Delozier.

Stephanie Ellis: At Cove Forge – will be married six years.

Brooke McIntyre: At church, almost nine years with him.

Shauna Yumang: South Korea, 15 years ago.

Quinton Snyder: Huntingdon basketball game, February of 2012.

Joanna Royer: Called me on the phone; his cousin Sharon gave him my number. Then he came to my door and then, shazam!

Heather Edwards: Shady Trail Riding Club.

Diana Barroner: At the Coaches Inn in Altoona in 1979; were married in 1980. Time flies when y’all in love!

Peg Hardy: Glenn’s.

Danielle Schumacher: I gave birth to him six years ago.

Sheryl Hart: The “round room” at the Trinity UMC in Roaring Spring.

David Flaig: In the junkyard.

Regina Patterson: School.

Trisha Grove Myers: Park Hills Golf Club – same place our reception will be.

Bethany Brua: A call center; he was my call floor supervisor.

Kelly Nunamaker: Blind date, met in the parking lot of Fisher’s store in Clappertown. We will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary in June.

Grace Marie: Speicher, Germany – married for eight years.

Nancy Becker: Senior prom 42 years ago, married for 37 years.

Stan Grove: My high school girlfriend babysat her

Kimberly Westover: Club Car, Altoona, 2005 – Just knew he was going to be the love of my life.

Renee Pheasant: Martinsburg bowling alley.

Joy Campbell: At the WHS Homecoming Game in 2011.

James Flaig: In school.

Shirley Kurtz-Flaugh: Introduced at a dinner.

Kandy Kay: At the bus stop.

Emily Wigman: Cove Forge, 1987.

Amanda Dicken: Martinsburg fair, 2005.

Dakota Butler: Well, I was born Nov. 4, 1996.

Lisa Bookhammer: Fire company dances at the center and roller skating.

My Valentine this year is the same one I’ve had for the last 15 years, my darling cat, Pudder Renee Orton. She may be a bit of a diva, but I think she gets that from her owner.


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