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How many times have you read a book, really liked it and then discovered it is part of a series? Now you are hooked. Libraries are the place to come to find the rest of the books in a series, both the ones from the beginning and the new ones as they appear.

The Tony Hillerman series is just one. Mr. Hillerman had a love for the Navajo people; their religion, their customs and way of life. He wove all this into a series of murder mysteries with Lt. Joe Leaphorn of the Navajo reservation police as the protagonist. Along with Leaphorn is a young Navajo officer, Jim Chee.

In "Sacred Clowns," Leaphorn and Chee first working together as a team, investigate the murder of a teacher at the reservation mission school. The investigation becomes entwined with an important tribal ceremony at the Tano Pueblo. The reader is taken into the realm of Navajo ritual as sacred kachinas have danced and the grotesque "sacred clowns" have joined the crowds to ape the foolishness of humankind. Then a murder occurs at the ceremony. How is this related to the teacher's death?

In later books, Leaphorn retires and Chee is primary investigator, with now private investigator Leaphorn's assistance. A female officer, Bernie Manuelito is introduced as both policewoman and Chee's eventual wife.

Sadly, Tony Hillerman passed away in 2008. Five years after his passing, his daughter Anne Hillerman, revived the series. She speaks through the voice of Bernie Manuelito as the main character, along with Jim Chee. Leaphorn appears from time to time, as he recovers from head trauma from a gunshot wound.

As with many other authors, each library may not be able to have all books in a series. But, through our interlibrary loan systems, a reader may be sure to be able to obtain all of their old favorites' offerings and perhaps venture into the characters of a new found favorite.


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