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Good (Coronavirus) News


March 26, 2020

I strongly considered writing about something other than dealing with the coronavirus. But it is about all that anyone is talking about and dealing with at the moment. Much has changed even since my last column appeared. Much more will change in the six days between my deadline and the publication.

The senior trip that my son looked forward to for years has been canceled. My sister in England found out that a co-worker has the virus. The U.S. economy has been dramatically affected. Friends have been laid off and not sure when they will get back to work. Kids have had several weeks off of school. There has been a lot of hoarding, fears and uncertainties. And as the cases have climbed it is easy to see the deaths from this terrible virus as just a big number. But of course each life matters. There are many families who are hurting beyond their finances.

Lots of churches and ministries have put out quality resources with pastors and experts writing very good insights. Hopefully my readers have access to some of those things. I don't claim to be able to contribute anything new. I do, however, in this abbreviated column hope to look at the bright side of this life changing situation.

While there is so much we don't know there are some things we do know. As I told many people – God is still on the throne. Just as we have survived wars, natural disasters, stock market dips, other major health issues and fearful times we who trust in a sovereign God know that he can redeem even the most challenging situations.

One good thing that has happened is that the elderly have been seen as valuable. Before this virus struck it was easy to not consider the folks who are in their final years as being just as important as others. The vulnerable ones who can be overlooked are now being cared for and appreciated.

School teachers may be more appreciated by parents now that the kids have been home for a few weeks. And people are realizing how dependent students are on getting a good meal at school in some cases. Restaurants, schools, churches and private citizens are helping to fill the void with making meals.

People who have otherwise no respect for our president are recognizing that he is handling the situation as well as can be expected, though not perfectly. Along with the Vice President and others who are working hard they are getting recognized for good communication and their concern. In some cases politicians are putting aside their differences to work together.

There are people who are spending more time with their family because they are now together out of necessity. Some are rediscovering playing board games, going for walks, and just enjoying being together. I challenged my teenaged sons to a 100-yard dash. (I won't mention how that race went for yours truly.) Those who have the resources are enjoying more home cooked meals together.

Even though the topic is the same around the country, people are talking with one another and being more encouraging toward others. In some cases doctors and nurses and other healthcare workers are getting the credit they deserve for being heroes. Many are becoming sick themselves. Almost all are tired. People are appreciation for the sacrifices they make.

In a world of fast paced, almost frantic movement people are slowing down and thinking about their lives.

Perhaps we are ripe for an international revival as people consider their eternal destinies.

Christians who have faith, hope and love need to communicate that our hope is in the Lord. We have the chance to show that fear has no place in our lives. We can demonstrate that even the most desperate situations can be redeemed. "It takes no courage to be an optimist, but it takes a great deal of courage to have hope" (Rabbi Jonathan Sacks).

I like what John Eldredge said about the virtues mentioned in 1 Corinthians 13:13. "Faith, hope, and love are mighty forces meant to carry your life forward, upward; they are your wings and the strength to use them. I believe hope plays the critical role. You'll find it pretty hard to love when you've lost hope; hopelessness collapses into who cares? And what does it matter that we have faith if we have no hope? Faith is just a rigid doctrine with nothing to look forward to. Hope is the wind in your sails, the spring in your step. Hope is so essential to your being that Scripture calls it 'An anchor for the soul' (Hebrews 6:19). In an untethered world we need a hope that can anchor us."

Godly hope is better than any vaccine. May we allow corona to turn our eyes upon the Son.


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