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By Brian Hess
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Martinsburg Man Working on Memorial to Cove's Civil War Soldiers


March 26, 2020

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Above is an artist's rendition of the memorial recognizing Morrisons Cove soldiers who fought in the Civil War. The memorial will be designed by Randy Stoltz and permanently placed at Morrisons Cove Memorial Park. The monument will feature the names of the 73 soldiers from the Cove who fought in the Civil War. Stoltz has verified the names at Gettysburg.

Randy Stoltz of Martinsburg is working on a project that will bring recognition to Memorial Park of the more than 70 soldiers from Morrisons Cove who fought in the Civil War.

Stoltz, who wrote a book about the Civil War and Morrisons Cove, plans to erect a monument with engraved names of the 73 soldiers from the Cove who fought in the war. He has verified the soldiers' names at the Gettysburg Battlefield.

According to Stoltz, the monument will be about 6 feet tall from the ground up. The area featuring the names will be black polished marble that will measure 28 inches wide by 3 feet high.

The marble will be surrounded by six stones that were on the original 1934 marker at Memorial Park. The stones were obtained from the Gettysburg Battlefield. Four of the stones will measure 6x6x18, while the two bottom stones will be 6x9x20. The monument's base, which will be 5 feet wide, will be the same design as the original marker at the park.

"I want the monument to look relevant to the Civil War period," Stoltz said.

While researching names of the soldiers, Stoltz said he has 10 discrepancies between his work and the spellings on the Pennsylvania monument at Gettysburg. Stoltz said he goes with the spellings listed on tombstones.

Stoltz is asking the public to view the names that are published at the end of this article and look for any misspellings or errors. Also, Stoltz said he will need to see verifiable documentation if a name is missing from the list.

He hopes to have the names verified within a month. Once the names are engraved, Stoltz said no changes will be made.

Stoltz is looking at several Civil War funding sources, including grants. He said the park's board of directors has given him permission to have the monument on park grounds. The exact location has yet to be determined.

Stoltz said his goal is to have the monument erected at the park by this fall.

Once the monument is erected, Stoltz will plan a dedication ceremony featuring descendants of the soldiers listed on the monument. He would like to involve military organizations along with local government officials.

To contact Stoltz, email him at [email protected]

Listing of names

Stoltz has the following information to appear on the monument:

Morrisons Cove Men at

Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863

Ainsworth, James W., Pvt. 110 Co. C

Ake, Joseph H., Asst. Surgeon 111th

Andrews, William A., Pvt. 110 Co. C

Bell, James C., Sgt. 110 Co. C

Blake, James H., Pvt. 84 Co. H

Border, Andrew, Cpl. 110 Co. C

Border, John S., Pvt. 110 Co. C

Bowman, Daniel H., Pvt. 110 Co. C

Brooks, Jonas W., Pvt. 110 Co. C

Butler, John, Pvt. 110 Co. C

Castner, John W., Pvt. 110 Co. C

Coble, Benjamin F., Pvt. 53 Co. C

Coble, John, Pvt. 110 Co. C

Copelin, Charles, 1st Lt. 110 Co. C

Crawford, Joseph H., Pvt. 49 Co. B

Davis, John N., Pvt. 110 Co. C

Dell, Moses, Pvt. 1st Pa. Art. Batt. F

Eastep, William, Cpl. 53 Co C

Fornwalt, William M., Pvt. 53 Co. C

Fouse, Dewalt S., Sgt. 53 Co. C

Gates, Joseph K., Cpl. 1 Pa. Cav. Co. C

Gates, Martin, Pvt. 110 Co. C

Ginter, George W., Pvt. 84 Co. E

Gorsuch, Elijah E., Pvt. 84 Co. E

Greenland, Thomas J., Cpl. 110 Co. C

Hamilton, James C. M., Sgt. 110 Co. C

Hamilton, Isaac T., Capt.110 Co. C

Hartman, John P.C., Pvt. 110 Co. C

Harwood, Richard, Pvt. 110 Co. C

Hayes, Alexander Y., Pvt. 110 Co. C

Heater, John, Pvt. 28 Co. A

Heltzel, Jonathan D., Pvt. 110 Co. C

Hilins, Samuel R., Pvt. 1st Pa. Art. Batt. F

Holsinger, Josiah, Pvt. 110 Co. C

Householder, Moses C., Pvt. 110 Co. C

Irwin, James, Pvt. 110 Co. C

Johnson, Thomas, Pvt. 62 Co. D

Kelly, David, Pvt. 110 Co. C

Kinley, Samuel, Cpl. 110 Co. C

Knode, Thomas, Pvt. 110 Co. C

Lammison, George, Pvt. 110 Co. C

Lane, David C., Pvt. 110 Co. C

Livingston, Thomas G., Pvt. 110 Co. C

Maxwell, George W., Pvt. 110 Co. C

Maxwell, Martin M., 2nd Lt. 110 Co. C

McDonald, John, Pvt. 110 Co. C

McElwee, William, Pvt. 84 Co. E

Merritts, Andrew J., Pvt. 53 Co. C

Metzker, Levi Y., Pvt. 84 Co. E

Miller, John E. Pvt. 110 Co. C

Mimminger, Jacob, Pvt. 110 Co. C

Moore, John B., Sgt. 110 Co. C

Mosel, Frederick M., Pvt. 1st Pa. Art. Batt. F

Nicodemus, Samuel S., Pvt. 62 Co. M

Plaster, William H., Pvt. 110 Co. C

Plummer, John W., Pvt. 110 Co. C

Powley, Henry, Pvt. 110 Co. C

Price, David, Cpl. 110 Co. C

Roush, James Levi, Cpl. 35 Co. D

Schroder, Charles Pvt. 110 Co. C

Schwartz, Samuel B., Pvt. 110 Co. C

Shimer, William H.H., Pvt. 110 Co. C

Shoemaker, Austin D. Pvt. 110 Co. C

Shoemaker, Benjamin F., Pvt. 110 Co. C

Shoop, William H., Pvt. 1st Pa. Art. Batt. F

Sias, David A. Pvt., 53 Co. C

Smith, George W., Pvt. 110 Co. C

Stonerook, Simon B., Pvt. 110 Co. C

Taylor, Ambrose K., Sgt. 110 Co. C

Tetwiler, Peter, Pvt. 53 Co. C

Thompson, David, Pvt. 110 Co. C

Tobias, Samuel H.G., Sgt. 110 Co. C

Walker, John W. Pvt. 110 Co. C


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