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Bob's 2019 Spring Gobbler


April 30, 2020

My son, Bob, is a better hunter than I am. This has become increasingly evident during the spring when he has managed to kill gobblers almost every spring for the past 10 years without having much time to scout ahead of the season or to hunt during the season.

Last year was no different. In fact, he killed a big gobbler on the season's first day.

I had scouted a lot of different places prior to the season and had located a gobbler that hung out on a ridge that is one of Bob's favorite places to hunt for spring gobblers.

In addition, the gobbler had hollered loud and proud there the day prior to the opening day. "I know that's where you'll want to hunt," I had told him.

"I'll be there by 4:30," he told me.

"I'm not coming till 5:10," I replied. "It doesn't get light till 5:40."

We sat on a log till after 5:40. I didn't think we would be able to hear a gobble even if the tom was sounding off. The wind was howling like a banshee, and I have never had much luck hunting turkeys on windy days. The wind didn't bother this gobbler: He hollered from off to our left as the morning lightened.

"We need to get closer," Bob said. "We need to get around the multiflora rose bushes so that we can see him if I can call him up over the rise of ground above him."

I followed Bob over some downed logs and around some rose bushes. At one point I tossed my backpack out ahead of me when trying to scale a log. Thump. Bob gave me "the look."

When we got to where Bob wanted to be, he told me to get up against a big tree, while he worked forward another 50 yards to set up. I thought he was going to get too close to the bird; but when I saw Bob sit down, the gobbler hollered again.

Bob's in business, I thought.

The wind prevented me from hearing Bob's calling; and when the turkey flew down, he continued to gobble. I could tell he was working away from Bob, so I got out two of my callers, thinking I might be able to help call the gobbler back to Bob.

That's just what happened. The 20-pound gobbler with a 10-inch beard reversed field. He gobbled several more times before he stepped in front of Bob at 30 yards. Bob's shot at 6:25 ended his gobbler season.


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