Simplify Farm Risk Management with USDA Risk Management Checklist


Risk management takes many forms, and to simplify the planning process, Penn State Extension and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Risk Management Agency has published an updated risk management checklist for new or experienced farmers.

The USDA Risk Management Checklist tools identify topics for consideration when planning. Topics include traditional areas of risk; production, marketing, financial, legal, human, and general and was expanded to include food safety and electronic risks that agriculture now faces. In addition, the checklist walks users through a series of questions and provides links to additional resources.

Although the materials do not cover every source of potential risk, it will help to generate discussion with your legal, insurance, agricultural or financial advisor. The tools are a guide to determine where you may need more assistance with your risk management plan.

To learn more or access the checklist, please visit This checklist is also available in Spanish.

A series of videos on the topics can be found at

These tools were developed with funding from a Risk Management Agency grant under award number RM18RMEPP522C032/4500081810 with information derived from focus groups.

As part of the grant, Penn State is seeking feedback on the use of the tools. If you would like to share feedback after reviewing the checklist, please visit https:/


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