By Brian Hess

Claysburg-Kimmel School Board Will Hold Line on Taxes in '20-21


Claysburg-Kimmel school directors have made the 2020-21 preliminary budget available for the public to review.

Next year’s preliminary budget, approved during the May 6 official meeting, is available for review online at As of the May 6 meeting, the budget figure is $13,447,895. That includes a deficit of $954,388.

The school board does not plan to raise real estate taxes for 2020-21. Preliminary millage figures for next year were set at 8.09 mills for Greenfield Township taxpayers and 9.96 for Kimmel Township taxpayers.

“We’ll make this preliminary budget available to the public for 30 days and continue to look for ways to reduce the deficit,” Michelle Smithmyer, business manager said.

The board has until June 30 to officially adopt next year’s budget. The board is scheduled to officially meet on Wednesday, June 10.

Due to the pandemic, the board authorized the administration to temporarily alter requirements and policies addressing promotion, retention and graduation for the 2019-2020 school year. The altered requirements are applicable to the current year only.

The board approved the list of graduates, with the current number at 60.

Graduation is planned for 2 p.m. Sunday, May 31. According to Darren J. McLaurin, the district is still working out the details but is planning on a drive-in/drive-up-type ceremony for the seniors while still ensuring the safety of all participants. The district will live stream the event on its YOUTube Channel “CKTV.”

The retirement of Janet Lackey from her position as elementary secretary was accepted by the board. Lackey started with the district in 1998. She worked in a couple different capacities – classroom aide, etc. Then in 2002 she became the elementary principal’s secretary.

The board approved the appointments of two new teachers for 2020-21.

Sydney Koehle will be a new school counselor. This is a new position, funded by a grant. Koehle is a new graduate and lives locally.

Kendra Walker will be the new Spanish teacher, replacing Barbara Fagan, who retired earlier this year. Walker is also a new graduate and lives locally.

The board and administration is very excited to have these new hires join them at C-K.


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