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Thought for the Week

Purity II


Illustration by John McConahy

Scriptures to Read:

Acts 15:27-29

St. Matthew 15:8-11

Romans 1:21-27

Romans 1:28-32

I John 3:1-3

II Timothy 2:20-22

I Thessalonians 4:1-8

I wrote July 2 about purity. I want to continue in that vein. I have a continuing burden on my heart. I would like to solicit your help here. I serve on the advisory board of an organization called "My Brothers' Keeper" (MBK). MBK operates primarily in the nation of Romania. It is a multi-faceted work. One of those facets involves a Crisis Pregnancy Center. This work also links locally with "Precious Life."

But the reason I am bringing this to your attention is because of something else MBK does. We sponsor four ladies who are known as "Purity Presenters." These young ladies function in four Romanian States. They go into schools and speak to students about remaining pure until and within marriage. They have been either invited or allowed to do this by school administrators who see its great value for their students. The classes are co-ed because we know purity is the responsibility of both young men and young women. The schools have asked for written curriculum. The Purity Presenters have provided this. We think the presentations have impact on not only the students but the families they represent.

In our country we provide sex-education classes but in Romania the Purity Presenters do more, much more than provide sex education. What they do links directly to God and His Word. Children in Romania are treated differently than they are here. That difference can often make the child feel not valuable. Purity Presenters work at helping young people know they are indeed valuable. They are precious to God. Their bodies are precious not just their souls.

Now something has happened recently. There has been pressure brought to bear to simply introduce sex education in the schools. It would be more like the U.S. version. The Bible would not be used as a support basis. Sexuality would not be seen as a gift from God. Abstinence would not be a goal. Perhaps it would be ignored altogether. Some adults think young people cannot control their sex drives and since it cannot be controlled, the goal should simply be to be safe. This is most unfortunate.

I believe young people, in fact all people, should be challenged to be the absolute best person they can possibly be. Every person is valuable. They are not simply valuable to themselves, their families and their communities. Every person is valuable to God. His Word clearly tells us so.

God has a plan for every life. To discover that plan will result in great blessing and benefit. To ignore that plan will result in heartache and misery. Clearly God's Word calls for purity in every aspect of life.

Now comes my solicitation for your help. Would you pray Romanian schools would continue to allow Purity Presenters and their curriculum to be used in the classrooms and even to expand the program to all of Romania. You might be asking why it should matter to you. I believe each of us is called to be our brother's keeper. That is for more than our natural, blood brothers but brothers around the world. How would what happens in Romania affect us. I don't know for sure. But I do know six months ago, I did not know there was a coronavirus in China. I know now.

We are much more a global community today than we were when I was growing up. Today, what happens 5,000 miles away can have a dramatic impact on me, on us, on our community and on our world. How we live and treat other people is important to God. How we pray is important to God. When you have prayed, expand your prayers so something like Purity Presenters could be a part of American education.


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