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Martinsburg's Old Borough Building Receives a Facelift


Brian Hess

The old borough building in Martinsburg, now the offices of the law firm Haberstroh, Sullivan and George, LLP, has received a facelift. Xtreme Painting and Wallpapering of Martinsburg was hired for the project. The building required scraping and two coats of paint.

Attorney Teressa E. George is pleased with the new colors of her office building at 133 E. Allegheny St., in Martinsburg. Haberstroh, Sullivan and George, LLP, moved in to what may always be referred to as "the old borough building" in 2012.

The attorneys had been discussing a new paint job for the building for a few years and started getting bids for the job about a year ago.

Xtreme Painting and Wallpapering of Martinsburg was hired for the project and began scraping and painting a few weeks ago.

George downloaded a computer app from Sherwin Williams that allowed her to upload a photo of the building and actually see what different color combinations would look like on the building.

A paint palette from the 1880s was used because the building was dedicated as a school July 4, 1881.

Each of the partners had an idea of what they wanted the building to look like. Attorney William J. Haberstroh wanted to keep it subtle. Attorney Shawn P. Sullivan wanted to accent the design of the window framing to make it more noticeable.

"I wanted a building that stands out in a good way," George said. So, she got to work trying several different color combinations for the building.

The final combination was chosen within a few days and was shared with the staff for their thoughts on the choice.

Although the color palette was not governed by the Martinsburg Borough, George took the final color combination to the borough office for the staff's opinion.

The palette met with approval and the painting began.

The building required scraping and two coats of paint.

The painters used Sherwin Williams Duration paint. The main-body color is Downing Slate, the trim colors include Classical White and Gale Force. Glitzy Gold is another trim color and is the only color using Sherwin Williams Resilience. All paint is a satin finish and is self-priming.


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