Spreading Holiday Cheer


December 24, 2020

Pictured are (from left): Tyler Horvat as Santa, Niko Rosso as Blitzen, Alex Grabowski as Elf, and in the front is Colten Moses.

Larry & Sharon Frederick of Martinsburg are very proud of their college sophomore grandson, Tyler Horvat. Due to the restrictions put into place throughout the pandemic, children have been faced with limited or no social activities.

For this reason, Tyler and his two friends have decided to take matters into their own hands and spread some much needed holiday cheer. They dressed up like Santa, an Elf and Blitzen the reindeer to visit homes with children in their area.

The three young men purchased activity books and stuffed animals, wrapped them along with handing out candy canes to children ranging from 6 months to 13 years of age. The boys answered a lot of questions from the children such as why didn't you come in your sleigh, where is Rudolph, and playing along that they personally knew the child's elf on a shelf. Parents of the visited homes were so grateful to this gesture that they offered to pay the young men for their act of kindness. The college students respectfully turned down the payment as the only gratification needed were the smiles and laughter on the children's faces.

The college students had such a great time doing this, that they intend to make this an annual tradition and expand their routes to reach out to more children next year. No act of kindness is too small and is appreciated more this year than ever!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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