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Runaway Train Stops Itself

125 Years Ago

Herald of Jan. 16, 1896

A coal train bound from Tyrone to Lock Haven became separated several cars from the engine. Although the rear cars apparently lagged behind for a time, they eventually caught up with the front cars and bumped them so hard that the engineer, who was leaning out the window, flew to the ground, and the fireman, who was standing on the footboard, also was thrown to the ground. Both were badly bruised but not otherwise seriously injured. The train continued for some distance, gaining greater speed. At Mt. Eagle it barely missed another train that had left the main track and entered a siding just as the run-away train went speeding by. Eventually something went wrong with the run-away engine and it came to a halt. When a switch tender investigated, he found no one aboard the stalled train.

Prof. Hanawalt and Nicholas Clouse of Roaring Spring left at 8 o’clock on Sunday to attend church services 17 miles away at 10 o’clock. They covered the distance in an hour and 20 minutes. Both were back home for evening services.


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