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Unfolding - Unfolded III


December 16, 2021

I have often wished I could go back to the Garden of Eden. I am not saying I would have done better than Adam and Eve. My desire is not for the fruits and vegetables although I like them. Of course I would be glad not to have to deal with weeds, thorns, thistles, insects and the like. I’d be glad not to experience tiredness after a long hard day and to suffer no sunburn, or pain from bumps, and bruises. But the thing I would desire most is to have that “walk and talk” with God in the garden in the cool and close of the day. If I am honest with myself, I really could have that in the “here and now.” I could walk in the field walking and talking with God. He encourages it by telling me to “Pray without ceasing” or, to always be in an attitude of prayer, to give thanks in everything, to cast all my cares on Him because He cares for me, to wait upon the Lord and He will renew my strength, to come apart with Him and rest a while. There have been times in my 80+ years that I have experienced tiredness, frustrations, fears, failures, and a whole lot more negative things. I know I have, but if I tell the truth, now, I am not sure what was so important I skipped my time alone with God in the cool and close of the day. What was it that caused worry, stress, anxiety and the other negative things that provoked misery? I am sure God waited for me to come spend time with Him. It was not his failure to be there for me. It was my failure to prioritize my time and get alone with Him. My earthly father has been gone for twenty-five years and I still miss him on occasion. Of course there were times he did not have time for me but likely more times that I did not make time for him. But I know, without doubt, my Heavenly Father always had time for me. I failed to take Him up on it. In the Galatians passage assigned, we are reminded that as long as we are children we are under teachers, being taught. Most certainly this does not mean we are to be seated in a classroom at a desk. God wants to teach me patience. Patience is a virtue. I need it. I know the assignment: “Tribulation works patience. The trying (testing) of my faith works patience.” Tribulation (troubles) and tests of faith are generally external. Verse 6 tells me God has put His Spirit into the hearts of His sons and daughters (He is internal) and He is telling me to wait on the Lord, to trust the Lord, to give thanks to the Lord, and a whole lot more. Yes, He is telling me, but am I listening when He speaks to me. This verse tells me to cry out, “Abba Father.” The equivalent is “Daddy, Daddy.” Just now, I am reminded of a time when I was likely six years old, my dad gave me a job to do and explained what I should and what I should NOT do. He left to do something else in another part of the building. Machinery was running, it was loud. I did what I was not supposed to do and was getting into trouble. I was trying my hardest and best but trouble was coming. I shouted and from his other work, my dad heard my shout and came running. He exerted his powerful muscles and got me out of trouble, saving me physically and preventing trouble from becoming a disaster. I don’t remember being disciplined. I learned my lesson and never disobeyed my father again. “Yeah! Right! Don’t I wish? But we can learn. God can teach us.

Scriptures to Read

Galatians 4:1-7

St. Luke 15:11-32


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