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Ask the Williamsburgers

Inspired by my love of candy, I asked Williamsburg residents this week, what was your most-wanted candy in your Easter basket? Here is what a few had to say:

Polly Eastep: Marshmallow peeps

Bonnie Good: Hershey’s mini chocolate bars

Catharine Verbonitz: Peanut butter egg

Katy Dell: Candy-coated circus peanuts

Anna Gibboney: Peanut Butter meltaways followed closely by jelly beans

Karen Stoy: Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs

Tonya Waite: Cadbury mini eggs

Sheryl Hart: Black jelly beans

Jordan Hardy: Chocolate covered animal crackers in the old pencil box

Dotty Barrett: Robin eggs

Sherry Banks: Coconut...


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