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Hollidaysburg Heritage Tours Fall Schedule To Be Announced Soon


February 23, 2023

Hollidaysburg Heritage Guided Tours is currently organizing its fall tour schedule. Right, now there are three tours which include Canal Basin, Allegheny Street-Walnut Street and the Diamond to North Montgomery Street.

“These tours talk about the buildings, the people and a little bit about the early history of Hollidaysburg,” Committee Chairman Tom Kopriva said.

The tour of Canal Basin covers the Pennsylvania Canal and the people who helped build it, the work that was done and how much it affected Hollidaysburg.

“I just learned that Hollidaysburg was in the running to become the state capital. We were that robust of a town,” Kopriva said.

He added that the tours will be this fall.

“We have our dates set. We will be announcing them pretty soon. We are still going to be offering the pre-tour brunch, which will be at the U.S. Hotel. There, we will give another historical presentation,” Kopriva said.

In addition to the tours, this group is a committee of the Hollidaysburg Area Public Library.

“[The library] approached us about more adult programming. So, we are doing a monthly history hour,” Kopriva said.

The committee meets the second Tuesday of each month with no meeting in March for anyone who wants to help out. The next meeting is April 14.

On Feb. 23, Harriett Gaston from Penn State Altoona will attend a meeting to talk about how the black citizens of Hollidaysburg worked and thrived.

On March 16, Jim Effinger, a volunteer from The National Park Service, will be talk about the Johnstown Flood of 1889.


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