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Books to Borrow Roaring Spring Library Recommends

‘Gwendolyn’s Pet Garden’ by Anne Renaud, Illustrated by Rshin Kheiriyeh

Gwendolyn longs for a pet. It is her dearest wish. What kind? Any kind! How many legs? Two, four, ten — she’s not picky! Her parents refuse to let her have a pet. Not a cockatoo, not a gerbil, not even a shrimp.

However, since Gwendolyn is so eager to have something to care for, her parents have other ideas and give her a wooden box — full of dirt.

“It smells of swamp,” Gwendolyn says, but her parents say it smells of possibilities.

Gwendolyn’s displeasure doesn’t last long. Once Gwendolyn reads up on gardening and gets savvy about seeds and soil, sun and shade, she finds her parents are right...


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