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Loitering Concerns in the Borough

“It honestly makes us look like a slum,” Borough Council member Ed Patterson said following complaints of loitering during the Williamsburg Borough Council meeting on Monday, Aug. 7.

Heidi Detwiler, a Williamsburg resident, brought her concerns to the Council.

“We are just concerned citizens. No one used to sit downtown. It’s just not appropriate. Something needs to be done,” Detwiler said.

Chief of Police Rowdy Kagarise acknowledged that he along with Mayor Ted Hyle are “definitely looking into it.”

Hyle agreed. “I understand why there’s complaints. It’s a touchy issue. We are trying to find the best solution.”

Patterson then discussed instead of loitering in public areas that “we do have parks, and other places to go in town,” and acknowledged the number of businesses in the vicinity of the loitering.

Borough Manager Joe Lansberry said he was approached by the Belly Busters, who are opening up a restaurant in the Borough about the possibility of looking into obtaining a liquor license. A liquor license would have to be approved by the borough. Council member Dakota Biddle said he was doing some research on the topic and those obtaining a liquor license would have to be at least 300 feet away from a church; but arguments were brought up about the beer distributor in town is within the 300 feet radius of a church. No further discussion was held on the topic.

Council member Jim Foreso is working on getting some speed signage/equipment for the borough. Councilmen Patterson praised Foreso for working diligently on getting that equipment to combat speeding in the borough.


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