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Lack of Substitute Teachers Becoming Issue with District

Superintendent Lisa Murgas talked to Williamsburg Community School Board last Tuesday evening, Oct. 17, about entering a contract with IU8 for substitutes. Murgas said that the district is hurting for substitutes, and this contract seems like another option besides the ESS program the district currently uses. The contract with IU8 Substitute Consortium will cost the district $500 for the school year.

"We will just see if that brings us more substitutes," Murgas said.

The district is also battling with substitutes heading to other districts for a district-wide position. Board member Patricia Kensinger asked about putting more effort into finding a full-time substitute for the open Spanish teacher position. Murgas responded that the high school teachers are currently fulfilling that role with the district getting Spanish education via video classes.

In her report, Murgas also discussed attending the Superintendent Conference in Hershey where one of the subjects was a fair funding formula update and meeting with Secretary of Education Khalid Mumin.

"He has a great vision for where he sees education in Pennsylvania," Murgas said.

Secondary Principal Jennifer Frederick spoke on the Homework Help program, which will help students after school Mondays through Thursdays. Frederick also reported that the junior class is taking the PSATs online, and that there were a lot of guest speakers lined up for college introductions.

Elementary Principal Jennifer Metzler updated on a lot of events happening at the school: Fire Company visit, NED mindset assembly, and the upcoming Red Ribbon Week. Metzler also said that on Nov. 13, at the Roaring Spring McDonald's, there will be a McTeacher Night for a fundraiser happening between 4 and 7 p.m.

The board voted to accept the 2023-24 superintendent objectives lined out by Murgas. Some of the objectives for the program included student growth and achievement, community relations and financial responsibility; "very similar to last year," Murgas reported.

Rachel Kirksey was approved as a substitute nurse. Rachel Biddle was approved as a cross country volunteer for the 2023-24 season. Timothy Nowlin was approved as a substitute driver. Amy Heeter and Mikhaela Becker were approved as substitute aides and secretaries. Bridgett Merritts and Patrick Detwiler were approved as substitute custodial and cafeteria staff for the 2023-24 school year.


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