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Council Member Resigns From Woodbury Borough

Vince Heaton, a Woodbury council member, turned in his resignation at the borough’s monthly meeting on Monday, July 1.

Any resident interested in being a council member or in the position of Mayor are encouraged to apply.

Woodbury Community Center minutes from April showed that the event fund has been rolled over to a CD.

Lightbulbs were fixed in the pavilion, and a pipe from the large room heater burst in February but was fixed.

Community yard sales were held June 7 and 8.

Overall total assets are $17,868.22.

There is about $19,720 of COVID-19 money to be used by December 31.

A truck grant was applied for in November 2023 and if awarded should know by September 2024.

The Council applied to continue to get the federal surplus list and completed the application.


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