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  • Grandparents of Curryville

    Marie Hamilton|Oct 6, 2022

    One of the dearest places in Curryville was my grandparent’s house. After Grandfather retired from running Ore Hill Orchards, they moved in part of a house owned by Vernon and Estella Stayer. The Stayer’s son, Tommy, was a famous musician. Grandmother and grandfather had 12 children. My mother was the oldest. Aunt Shirley was the only child who was not married when my grandparents lived there. Shirley was only four years older than me and we were like sisters. Although dad taught me to dri...

  • Curryville Church of the Brethren

    Marie Hamilton|Sep 1, 2022

    We had many Revival Meetings at our Curryville Church of the Brethren. I remember when I was very young and had to sit on the front seat during the service because mother played the piano. The sermon was on Grace. I felt very special, my first name being Grace. I told mother that the preacher talked about me the whole time. We kids were all baptized there. We certainly spent a lot of time there. There were many banquets and events with food unsurpassed to this day. Mother and I sang many duets....

  • The Gardens and The Browns

    Marie Hamilton|May 5, 2022

    Many people in Curryville had gardens. Our garden was vast. A board walk divided the side that had the smaller vegetables from the side with the hardier vegetables like corn, pumpkins and potatoes. One of my jobs was to weed and hoe that large garden. Mr. Brown, whose garden was on the other side of our fence, would tell me how our garden was doing. He and I knew he was a garden expert. He loaned me his potato fork to use when it was time to dig the potatoes. A regular spade could cut the...

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