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  • Books to Borrow Roaring Spring Community Library Recommends

    Roaring Spring, Community Library Intern|May 16, 2024

    Alyson The universe surrounding the characters in Noel’s novel is vividly described, and boy, what a great world it is! For me, this book has been fantastic. Although it was a pleasant surprise, I still don’t know who Damen is since at the time I was completely unaware of the series’ true purpose. Being in the dark has been a lovely surprise. I only realized he was immortal because of the series’ name, which makes sense given that it is about immortals. Ever has been one of my favorite people,...

  • American Sniper

    Roaring Spring, Community Library Intern|Apr 18, 2024

    It was really informative for individuals who are addicted to the thrill rush that war can be entirely rewarding in more ways than just conflict. It was an extremely intriguing book to read. The author was one of these men; when offered a promotion to an office job as a planner, he declined it because what he really wanted to do was be in the thick of the action with a gun and his friends. He was willing to put up with all manner of hardship and danger in addition to declining a pay raise to do this. Kyle has many amusing tales to tell about...

  • Books to Borrow Roaring Spring Community Library Recommends

    Roaring Spring Community Library Intern|Apr 11, 2024

    It is a well-written, gripping work of historical fiction set during World War II and an espionage thriller. The story moves quickly and includes an endearing heroine, suspense, intrigue, turns, and twists. The author’s remarks are fascinating and helpful, and readers will value them considerably. It was jam-packed with all kinds of drama involving the French fighter network that never ought to have occurred but did. She was crucial in the case of an engineer who had passed away, but she had l...

  • Would You Join Us in Prayer?


    Father in heaven, we Your children stand before You helpless to fix our broken society. We cannot create unity in our country, but we offer our weak selves to You so that You may teach us and supply grace for us to love as Jesus loved. We cannot rid our neighbors of error, but we ask You to remove error from our lives, grant us humble hearts and lead us into truth so that we may live that truth before others, and we ask You to make our witness fruitful. We cannot fix the wrongs that others have done, but we ask You to forgive our own wrongs...