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  • House Bill 1300 Would Not Deprive Hunters

    SEN. JUDY WARD|Nov 2, 2023

    Many times, good governing and fiscal responsibility require balancing a multitude of interests and priorities. When the Senate voted on House Bill 1300, our proposal for this current budget’s Fiscal Code, I believed that bill did that prudently and responsibly. As the debate continues on how to best allocate all of the state’s resources, I will continue to prioritize programs to ensure the solvency of the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) and the success of outdoor recreation and sportsmen activities. Like all budgets and the...

  • Op-Ed: Setting the Record Straight

    Sen. Judy Ward, R-30|Aug 4, 2022

    Over the past few weeks, my Senate colleagues have had to continually correct false and misleading statements regarding the recently passed Senate Bill 106. Sadly, the misrepresentations have continued, and it has become increasingly necessary for me as a sponsor of one of the bill’s amendments to join them in their efforts. Senate Bill 106 consists of five different amendments to the Pennsylvania constitution with the subjects being the election of the Lieutenant Governor, legislative disapproval of regulations, voter ID, auditing of...

  • Other Voices

    SEN. JUDY WARD|Mar 25, 2021

    As advocates for unborn children, we are proud to jointly introduce legislation to protect unborn babies with beating hearts. Similar to heartbeat legislation passed in 11 states, under Senate Bill 378 and House Bill 904, detection of an unborn baby’s beating heart would prevent an abortion in Pennsylvania. Abortion is one of the most difficult topics to discuss in our nation, as it is tied to deeply personal and emotional issues. But now is the time to have an open and honest discussion on this very difficult matter. Scientific and medical...

  • (Fifty-)Two Weeks To Flatten The Curve And The Constitutional Amendments For Change

    SEN. JUDY WARD, R-30th District|Mar 18, 2021

    We heard the message loud and clear: “Two weeks to flatten the curve.” Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf talked about how it was our civic duty to lock down and fight this virus to protect others. That “two weeks to flatten the curve” turned into six weeks, which turned into 20 weeks, then 40 weeks, and then 52 weeks. It has been one year since Gov. Wolf called on Pennsylvanians to take steps in order to keep hospitals from becoming overwhelmed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. My heart breaks for the more than 24,300 Pennsylvania residents we have lost....

  • The Word from Harrisburg

    Sen. Judy Ward, Pennsylvania Senator|Apr 18, 2019

    Think for a moment about taking a leisurely walk in a park with a child or grandchild and you pass through a cloud of smoke made by a group of people sitting on a bench smoking marijuana. You then witness these same individuals get into a vehicle and drive away. Do we want this scenario to be the new norm in Pennsylvania? Lt. Governor John Fetterman was in Blair County on Sunday, April 14, on a listening tour regarding the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. I was in attendance and listened to folks expressing support and...