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  • Wineland's IGA Foodliner: The Area's First Supermarket

    TOM REESE, For the Herald|Jan 11, 2024

    Grocery supermarkets were a new thing in the 1950s. As was mentioned in a previous article, up until that time when you shopped at a grocery store, you went up to the counter and told the clerk what you wanted and they would bring it to you, item by item. Grocery stores were very much smaller than today’s markets. Items were stacked to the ceiling, which in many cases were ten feet high or more. Clerks used long hooks to bring things down or to knock them loose, then catch them as they fell. S...

  • Eisenhower's Visits to Martinsburg

    TOM REESE, For the Herald|Dec 21, 2023

    Donald Trump’s campaign stop in October of 2020 was of course big news, but he was not the first president to land at the airport at Martinsburg. President Dwight D. Eisenhower made at least three trips here in the 1950s. As the commander of the Allied forces in World War 11 and as President, Eisenhower was immensely popular. Although it’s hard to imagine in this partisan era, he was rarely, if ever, criticized by the media. He won both presidential elections, in 1952 and in 1956, by lan...

  • Martinsburg Musings from the 1950s: Part Two

    TOM REESE, For the Herald|Dec 7, 2023

    More on Kreider’s Atlantic service station on Allegheny Street, one of at least five businesses in town that sold gasoline: In the 1950s people were loyal to their brand, so everyone had their favored station. Glenn Kreider, joined later by his younger brother Bill, was the proprietor that I remember. From time to time there were “gas wars” where every station tried to have the lowest priced gasoline. I recall it being as low as 17 cents a gallon. Farther along the south side of Allegheny Street and after Dr. Bonebreak’s office was the Lykens...

  • Martinsburg Musings from the 1950s

    TOM REESE, For the Herald|Nov 16, 2023

    My family moved to Martinsburg in August of 1950. My dad, who was a pharmacist, purchased the local drugstore from the family of Dr. C. N. Johnson, who had recently passed away. Martinsburg has changed in many ways since that time. Perhaps the biggest difference is that Martinsburg, like many small towns all across America, was at that time a complete and thriving economic unit; meaning that you could obtain most of what you needed for daily life right there if you lived in town or nearby. For...