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By Pastor Earl Herr

Thought for the Week

All Powerful


Illustration by John McConahy

Scriptures to Read:

Jeremiah 29:11-13

Genesis 18:9-14

St. Matthew 19:26-30

Romans 8:26-28

Exodus 15:11-18

Ephesians 1:15-22

Jeremiah 10:10-12

One of the attributes of God is that He is All-Powerful. The term for this is "omnipotent." It is only one attribute of God but an important one. Because He is all-powerful some questions are raised: If God is all-powerful, this means He can do anything, and if He can do anything, why does He not simply stop bad things instantly? If God is good but He does not stop bad things, does He does not care? If God cares but He does not stop bad things is He not powerful enough to stop them? These are good and valid questions.

An answer needs to remind us of another attribute of God. He is All-Knowing. The term for this is "omniscient." Combining these two attributes we should note God is both at the same time. He knows everything about everything and because He knows and has a perfect plan, His actions are not based on human reason and understanding. God causes and allows many things in our world. He always has a reason for what He does and what He allows. We may not know the reason and perhaps could not understand the reason fully if we knew.

I would illustrate this way. As a loving parent I take my child to the doctor's office so he can get a vaccination. He sees the needle and knows "This will hurt." "I don't want this." So, I attempt to explain this is for his good in order to prevent a disease. He has never seen this disease, has no idea of its consequences, and is not convinced I am doing something for his long-term good. Should I therefore tell the doctor not to vaccinate because my child does not want it nor does he understand it? No. I must proceed with what I believe is best for my child. The best thing I can hope for is that some day, my child will understand the seriousness of the disease, and be glad I got him vaccinated. That may never happen. My hope is I will do enough good things for my child to inspire him to love me and trust my judgment while he is still my responsibility.

When the world challenges us about God and His love, the best we can hope for is to show the glory and goodness of God to them. Considering all the wonderful things God has done for us, we have a better chance of having people believe God can be trusted to exercise His strength as He knows best. There are certainly parts of our world where this will be more difficult because the glory and blessings of God are less evident. I think of peoples who are living in poverty, hunger, illiteracy, in constant fear of being harmed by others, having no place of safety and none to watch over them or care for them.

Today, as I write this "Thought," is the National Day of Prayer. I hope you spent time in prayer for God to have His way in every aspect of our National Life. If you didn't then, or even if you did, today is another good day to pray and seek God. There are those who try very hard to eliminate God from all of our society. We should be trying just as hard to exalt God and glorify His name. God is, or wants to be, our refuge and strength. It is foolhardy for us to stray away from God's protection. James writes to us,

"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you." We have a horrible enemy in the person of Satan. He is constantly doing all he can to destroy us because we are God's creation. He is powerful. We cannot match his strength with our human strength. Therefore, let us run to the safety of God's strength and wisdom. God is the only solution to our problems, the only safety from our fears. There are times I wish God would simply compel us to obey Him. But, He gives us freedom to choose to accept or reject Him. Let us choose Him today.


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