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Books to Borrow Roaring Spring Community Library Recommends

What is My Cat Thinking?

Both new and experienced cat owners will love this book! Since I’ve owned cats my entire life, I assumed that I was an expert on the subject. However, I learned an altogether new lesson from this book. I had no idea that kittens are born with their claws extended, cats have a sense of smell ten times stronger than humans, and that they don’t start purring until they are a few weeks old. Additionally, learn why cats can lie on extremely hot surfaces without feeling uncomfortable. Just a couple of the new things I learned.

Every topic on cat behavior that was covered in the book was illustrated with a picture of a real cat that had performed the action being discussed. It was enjoyable to see the cat’s appearance because most of what cats do involves body language. It covers six key facets of cat behavior: social behavior, territorial behavior, physical fitness and hunting, reproduction, safety, and interactions between cats and people. Anyone getting a kitten or someone who already has one should read this book.

The book “What’s my cat thinking?” provided a wealth of important knowledge on cats, including what they do in various contexts, their body language, how they interact with people, and much more. These were accompanied by pictures of other cats, which were not only helpful but also adorable. It was a useful book since there were illustrations of cats exhibiting particular motions or habits, and the text on each page matched the illustration exactly.


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